FAQ: IPL Skin Rejuvenator

 Skin'N Sleek™ IPL  Rejuvenation Lamp  is effective against sun damaged, skin age spots, rosacea, enlarged pores, mild wrinkling and fine lines. It brings clinical skin care to you with our patented IPL home beauty system. This is one of the most powerful at home IPL devices on the market.

How does Skin'N Sleek™ IPL Skin Rejuvenator work on your skin care?

Skin'N Sleek™  IPL  Rejuvenation is based on Light therapy. The skin absorbs the emitted light  from the cartridge and converts it into heat, which then brings new life to cellular tissues such as collagen and elastin.

Skin'N Sleek™  IPL Skin Rejuvenation treatments are the preferred solution for the targeted treatments such as Facial Redness, Rosacea, Pigmentation, Aging,  loss of skin firmness, Broken blood vessels, enlarged pores.

Treating skin at home with Skin'N Sleek™  IPL skin rejuvenation is way less expensive than clinical / beauty spas visits  It is safer and gentler than laser.

While we can attest that the results cam be stunning with aging spots or veins in just few weeks ( typically 2-3 months ) of use, more serious and prolonged issues may take longer, typically 6- 12 months.

Mode Of Operation

Start by attaching  Skin'N Sleek™ IPL Skin Rejuvenator Lamp  to your handset and operate it from bottom to top, inside to outside, along skin texture to treat on the full face or on the desired area 

Do a test on your skin at a lower level first and adjust the energy to a higher level once you feel comfortable and according to your skin tolerance

Work your way by treating the desired area one by one  

Do not treat the area around the eye 

What to expect from skin rejuvenation treatment?

Facial Treatment 

 ✦ 1 month ( 4 weeks ) Treat the desired area 2 -3 times a week.

You will begin to notice your skin getting tighter and smoothly toned.

 ✦ 2-3 months ( 8-12 weeks ) treatment should be done once a week.

At this stage a progressive improvement will be seen in 2 months and the final result will show after completing 3 months of regular treatments.  

 ✦ After 12 weeks treatment, take a break  for 3-4 weeks.

Follow-up treatments can be done 3 months after completing the first treatment series.

 ✦ After 4 weeks is over, Start a Follow-up treatments of another 12 weeks again and take the break cycle of 3-4 weeks.

 After each treatment always re-hydrate your skin with a skin care product of your choice or a moisturizing facial mask.

Body Treatment

Follow the same steps as the facial treatment, the only difference is you may not need to take breaks between cycles and the treatment may need longer time commitment than the recommended time for face.



 ✦ Number of sessions and  treatments may depend on each person 

 ✦ Results could vary on different skin tones

 ✦ Do not treat the area around the eye 

 ✦ Consistency is a key to get  the desired results.