FAQ: Microdermabrasion Device

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure using suction & exfoliation to renew overall skin tone and texture by primarily removing the upper dead skin layer and giving a chance for the rejuvenated skin to surface.

Is Microdermabrasion good for your face?

Microdermabrasion can actually help improve the facial skin glow by stimulating new skin layer with more toned and brighter complexion.

If you are looking for 

  • Skin Smoothness.
  • Evened out skin tone.
  • Lighter skin tone.
  • less  fine lines appearance
  • Reduction of dark spots  appearance
  • Cleaned pores.

You better start Microdermabrasion

 In addition. Microdermabrasion  can facilitate better skin absorption of moisturizers  and creams leading to a more radiant and youthful results.

How often to use Microdermabrasion

A consistent use  of 1-2 times per week can make the skin noticeably smoother in just a few treatments.

How effective Microdermabrasion is on Blackheads?

Because Blackheads tend to clog facial pores with oil and dead skin cells that can get deeper and enlarged over time, and because  Squeezing these blackheads and applying pressure can really irritate and cause inflammation , the safest and the most effective solution is  Microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion when done correctly gets stunning results with less side effects.

Can I put makeup after microdermabrasion?

it is strongly advised not to put on makeup right after the microdermabrasion is applied as your skin and pores will be open and you skin may feel dry and tight! We advise to  use moisturizer cream or skin enshrinement like vitamin C or E instead.

How safe is the Microdermabrasion device?

The Microdermabrasion device  is safe to use for all skin types and ages . With its multi level our device can can anybody's need. It is always recommended to try the lowest suction  level and make it up to the higher level when feeling comfortable to do so.

Do not use the Microdermabrasion device if

  • If you have been under the sun for a prolonged period of  time.
  • Recently being using peeling chemicals 
  • Stay away from eye socket and treat skin surrounding it ONLY

How to use of Microdermabrasion device?

  • Start with a lower level suction to test your comfortability 
  • Always Glide  The Microdermabrasion tool over your skin and do not prolong the suction on one area 
  • Do not apply pressure as this may cause  The Tool to exfoliate deeper skin layer which may result in slight redness. Microdermabrasion Tool SHOULD  work by pulling skin upwords not the other way around .
  • Moisturize your skin  to re-hydrate it after every treatment to get  noticeable results
  • Avoid  prolonged sun exposure. New surfaced skin tend to be more vulnerable to sun radiation

I have used the Microdermabrasion device but I don't see any buildup coming out?

  •  Use the device after taking a shower or apply a warm towel on your face to open the pores and soften the skin before the exfoliation 
  • Your face should be clean and have no moisturizers on it before the treatment.

How to use:

  •  Before you start please be aware of the following:
  • Treatment should be done no more than 2-3 time per week
  • Your face should be dry and clean from any creams or makeup
  • Treat your face for maximum 3-4 minutes per treatment. 
  • Do not Press on the treated areas and always use it with a gliding motion from inside out.
  • For better results  and to open up the pores and soften the skin, use the microabrasion 
  •  After you have taken a warm shower or  used a facial steamer or just applied a warm towel on your face for a few moments.

Step 1:  Connect the right tip, switch on the device, choose your desired level and start your treatment

Step 2:  Move slowly with an outward motion on the treated areas and avoid using pressure or prolonging

Step 3:  Wash your face with lukewarm to cold water to cool off your skin and to further remove any residual dead skin or impurities 

Step 4: Apply your preferred cream to nourish the skin and avoid sun exposure