Laser Hair Removal & IPL PhotoFacial Handset | 2 in 1 At-Home Device – Skin'N Sleek™

Permanent Hair Removal + Photofacial, Skin Rejuvenation + Extra Hair Removal Bulb 

A Total Of 1200000 Flashes 

$299.00 $147.93

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  • Dual Handset For Hair Removal & Skin Care

  • Permanent Full Body Hair Removal

  • Permanent Full Body Hair Removal

  • Safe on Arms, Neck, Face, Legs, Private area

  • 8-12 Weeks Only To Notice Results 

  • 600,000 Flashes, On Each Bulb! A Lifetime Use

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Skin'N Sleek™ For Hair Removal

  • LIFETIME USE: A supply of over 600000 of pulses in each cartridge.

  • ADEQUATE : Big window cartridge for large treatment area and fast treatment time.

  • LCD SCREEN: Display screen showing the type of the bulb being used and the remaining pulses.

  • 8 LEVELS OF PULSATING: Skin'N Sleek™ is the perfect IPL handset for a variety of skin types. With its 8 levels of flashing Skin'N Sleek™ can certainly meet the needs of most of skin colours.

  • SKIN SENSOR FUNCTION:Skin'N Sleek™ will flash only when the sensor of the cartridge is in direct contact with the skin. It is designed to flash only on skin for safety.

  • SLEEK DESIGN:Skin'N Sleek™ is lightweight, portable and compact handset. It can be easily stored and carried around.

4 Good Reasons To Trust 

Skin'N Sleek™  Dual Handset 

600,000 Flashes

8 Energy Levels

Non-Stop Power

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Skin'N Sleek™ for IPL Photofacial & Skin Rejuvenation

  • Skin'N Sleek™ With its detachable Skin Rejuvenation Lamp, it uses the collagen induction therapy to effectively treat the following skin concerns: Facial Redness, Rosacea, Pigmentation, Aging with loss of firmness, Broken blood vessels and enlarged pores.

  • Skin'N Sleek™ has 2 functions in 1 system. Saves you money and hassles from owning numerous skin care devices. Skin'N Sleek™ allows you to switch between the Hair Removal (HR) and the Skin Rejuvenation (SR) by simply replacing cartridges for your own purpose.

Why Choose Skin'N Sleek™ Dual Handset

Over Other Brands!  

  • Authentic device with the safest & latest technology in IPL/ Laser industry ( be wary of knock-offs)

  • Visible firmer and lighter skin on the first few weeks of treatments

  • Very affordable price! Less pay, same results compared to other brands 

  • Skin sensor tigured only whne close to the skin

  •  Hair reduction in just 6 - 8 weeks.

  • Treatments are quick & easy. Treat entire body in Less than 20 minutes

4 Good Reasons To Buy

Skin'N Sleek™  Dual Handset 

Lifetime Of

Personal use

Safe on 

All body parts

Original Handset

& Authentic

Long lasting

& Effective results

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Skin'N Sleek™ hair removal handset really work?

Short and quick answer is, Yes. Our handset uses the latest IPL ( Intense Pulsed Light) technology that enables the reduction and eventually elimination of the hair growth. IPL is absorbed by the melanin ( hair pigment) located in the hair follicle. During the absorption the melanin turns into heat which then destroys the growing cells that make the hair.

Is Skin'N Sleek™suitable for me?

Skin'N Sleek™ has eight adjustable light intensity settings (1-8) to ensure a gentle treatment across different skin tones (white, beige, light brown, mid brown and dark brown) and body hair colours (dark blonde to black). Skin'N Sleek™ IPL treatment is not effective on red hair, grey hair or light blonde hair. Nor is it suitable for black skin, as it can cause skin damage. Check the skin/hair type chart down below to see if Skin'N Sleek™ is suitable for you.

How do I select the right intensity for me?

It is vital that you only use the light intensity recommended for your skin/hair type. To avoid unnecessary skin reactions, always first check the skin tone/hair color chart and then start with the lowest intensity. If all is well, increase gradually. If the treatment feels uncomfortable, reduce the intensity. The treatment should not feel painful at any time.

How soon I can see results using Skin'N Sleek™?

While results can vary depending on the color and the amount of hair in the treated areas most users can detect remarkable reduction after  4-6 weeks of treatments. 

I used Skin'N Sleek™ IPL but my hair is still growing! Why?

This is normal and it is called ejection. Hair can appear to be growing up to two weeks after your last treatment. It’s also possible that some of your hair is still actually growing as hair follicle goes through different growth cycle, and it will need multiple sessions in order for the IPL to be effective.

What Makes Skin'N Sleek™ handset Different?

 Skin'N Sleek™ id a dual handset that allows to use 2 bulbs in one handset. With its detachable Skin Rejuvenation Lamp, the handset uses the collagen induction therapy to effectively treat the following skin concerns: Facial Redness, Rosacea, Pigmentation, Aging with loss of firmness, Broken blood vessels and enlarged pores.

And with its Hair removal bulb you will save yourself from razor’s burns or bumps, itchy ingrown hair, ripping off your skin or the tedious plucking.

Where can I use Skin'N Sleek™?

Skin'N Sleek™  is safe to use anywhere in the body

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Free Extra Bulb - Female Full Body Hair Removal handset  With Skin Rejuvenation LampFree Extra Bulb - Female Full Body Hair Removal handset  With Skin Rejuvenation Lamp
$299.00 $147.93
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Manufacturer Warranty

Our Skin’N Sleek IPL Handsets comes with a full 12 month (from the order date) warranty in case of manufacturing defect by replacing the device with not extra cost to the customer.To process the application send us email at with title header “ defect” and you Must adhere to the following: 

1-You need to attach a video showing clearly the defective device not working.

2-Use A trackable shipping. We are not responsible for loss courier.

3-Shipping costs return is the customer responsibility and it is non-refundable.

4- The device has to come with all its original contents .

Please note that our warranty doesn't cover damage caused by accidents, water leak or break.